A beginners guide to pairs trading

What an incredible launch of the new year!  Market have plunged, rallied and then plunged again. Stock prices are being tossed back and forth due to forces truly outside of our control. Forces like oil prices, Chinese economic woes, and the ever changing landscape of U.S. corporate earnings are leading the market in 2016. When the cyclically bullish pressure of the U.S. presidential election year is applied to the above chaos, it paints an extremely interesting year! The recent sharp market moves have forced investors to look for alternative techniques to help smooth their portfolio volatility. One very effective method ...

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5 Tech Stocks That Are Suddenly Cheap

  The recent market plunge has created powerful opportunities in the tech sector.  Professional investors have waited for several years to purchase shares at such a sharp discount. The key is to make certain that the company is in the deep value zone per the fundamental metrics rather than looking purely at price. We have identified the following 5 high-tech companies as being ideal buys right now. 1, Apple (Nasdaq:AAPL) The recent sell-off has even hurt the giants of the tech world.  Apple, the world’s most valuable company, with a market cap of over $520 billion and $216 billion of ...

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3 Candlestick Patterns Every Trader Should Know

Today’s investors and traders are bombarded with information.  In the past it was always a question of not enough information to make smart investing decisions.  Today, it is a question of how to filter the onslaught of data made possible by the internet. Every investor has their own method of filtering the data.  Whether its using basic fundamental information only, technical price tools, or a combination of both.  Each of these methods is simply a way to filter the massive amount of information to help make profitable decisions. There is a popular subset of technical analysis that investors ...

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3 Stocks To Short Now

The current market conditions have set some stocks up to be the perfect short sell candidates.  When overall market weakness is combined with already suffering stocks, it’s the ideal time to short. We have identified 3 struggling stocks that have set up to be textbook perfect shorts within the present market weakness. First, let’s take a look at how to profit from the overall market weakness. Buying weakness and selling strength is the mantra of professional traders.  In fact, we have written about this fact many times over the years. Following this mantra has created tremendous wealth for ...

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What You Need To Know About Bear Markets

Talk about a rough start to the 2016 stock market investing year! Investors are afraid that a bear market is upon us.   Truth is that there is no reason to be afraid, even if a bear market appears. This article will explain exactly what a bear market is and what you need to know not only to survive but to profit from it. First, let’s take a look at what has happened so far this year for perspective. The stock market ended the first 2 and a half trading weeks of 2016 with a steep sell-off. ...

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2 Little Known Stocks In A Thriving Industry

The recent sharp selloff in the stock market has opened  up massive opportunities for the savvy investor.  Many stocks are selling at substantial discounts and are deep into the value zone. The trick is being able to ascertain what stocks are truly deeply undervalued and set for outperformance in 2016. One way to differentiate these winning stock from the majority that will simply continue to flounder is to look at macroeconomic trends within the U.S. economy. We have identified one of these thriving sector uptrends and two unusual stocks poised for solid gains in 2016. These two stocks ...

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Secrets of the World’s Top Investors

Success in the financial markets is shaped like a pyramid.  At the base is the wide majority of losing investors.  As you move higher on the pyramid, success increases but the numbers of investors drop lower. After the losing investors, you have the players who don’t really lose much but don’t make much either.  These “break even” investors are loved by brokerage firms since they keep plunging into investments, paying commissions and fees, creating a consistent income stream for the broker.  You see, the losers will eventually quite the investment game while the break-even investors just keep on ...

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Profit From China’s Dirty Secret

“Become a Chinese farmer, that’s what you should do”, this quote from the ultimate China stock and commodity bull, hedge fund guru, Jim Rogers was much more than just an off the cuff remark. Jim believes in the future of China so much that he uprooted his family to move there several years ago.  He even hired a Chinese nanny to teach his kids Mandarin his belief in the future of China is so strong! Well, as time goes by, many investors are doubting Roger’s wisdom for holding such strong beliefs about the future of China. Over the ...

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