"This has never been accomplished before... Now we have done it."
~ Eduardo Marban, Director, Ced
ars-Sinai Heart Institute ~

New York Biotech Stock
To Soar 997% As Stem Cell Market Explodes In 2013

Scientists from Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute and Johns Hopkins University discover medical miracle to beat the number one disease killing Americans... AND... catapult this tiny company's stock to all-time highs as news spreads
like wildfire.
Investors who act fast could bank record returns...

Dear Reader,

"Stem cell research has the potential to lead to therapies for injuries and illnesses that could not even have been imagined when I first began studying medicine.

As this new field of discovery advances, nothing we have learned has dissuaded us from the belief that these cells, representing the building blocks of life itself, offer the possibility of becoming a renewable source of replacement cells and tissues to treat such common diseases and disorders as Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injury, stroke, burns, heart disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis."

Elias A. Zerhouni M.D.
Former Director
National Institutes of Health

The stem cell industry is booming.

Paving the way for one undervalued biotech stock to skyrocket this year.

While handing early investors profits like they've never seen before.

Here's the story: According to the American Heart Association almost one in three Americans dies from some form of heart disease.

I'm talking 80 million people. For decades, scientists have battled the ravages of this disease.

In 2009, a team of specialists at the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute in Los Angeles completed the world's first cardiac stem cell infusion...

Sparking A Flood Of Investor
Interest In Stem Cell Technology

For good reason.

New research continues to propel the industry forward. Positioning one little-known biotech company for explosive growth over the coming months.

In late 2011, scientists from Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute and Johns Hopkins University, reported the results of a recent clinical trial. Which could help millions of heart attack patients recover and live a full life.

Cardiac stem cells were harvested from healthy heart tissue of people who suffered a heart attack. The stem cells were grown in a lab and given back to patients.

Those who received the treatment showed significant reduction in scar tissue on the heart muscle.

The muscle tissue regenerated.

Which has never been seen before in any clinical trials or studies.

A recent report estimates that the market for stem cell technologies will rise to over $700 million [in the U.S.] this year and could reach over $1 billion.

Kalorama Information
"Worldwide Markets for Transplantation, Cord Blood Banking and Drug Development"

Breakthroughs such as this fuel growth across the stem cell market. Conservative estimates show the market may rise to over $1 billion in 2012.

In the United States alone.

The global market is forecast to reach $64 billion.

Which is an astounding 300% rate of growth.

One Tiny Biotech Spearheading
Breakthrough Research

At the forefront of stem cell medicine is a small New York-based biotech.

Our research indicates this company's stock is about to take off. By as much as 997%. Allowing investors who get in now to book spectacular gains.

Let me explain why...

Right now, this company's stock is trading at about 22% below its book value.

In other words, this stock is a bargain.

Sounds good... but... that's not even half the story.

This company engages in the development and manufacture of cellular therapies for oncology, immunology and regenerative medicines. It also is a leader in the collection, processing and storage of adult stem cells.

Which means, this company's cellular therapies and stem cell banking services play a crucial role in the industry at large. Leading medical institutions (like Cedars-Sinai and Johns Hopkins) depend upon this company's research, therapies and stem cell storage facilities to further their own research capabilities.

The new discoveries this company is making in the cellular therapy field can be applied across the board to treat and cure:

  • Heart Disease: The number one killer of Americans.

In the United States, someone has a heart attack every 34 seconds. Each minute, someone dies from a heart disease-related event.

Global Stem Cell Applications

Stem cell therapies can be applied to treat and cure a variety of diseases affecting every area of the human body including:

  • neurology
  • oncology
  • cardiology
  • bone and cartilage
  • diabetes
  • digestive system
  • reproductive system
  • traumatic injuries and more.

“Regenerative cures arising out of the employment of adult stem cells are now becoming very popular as can be observed from the frequency of common people undertaking stem cell treatments have spiked up during the last few years.

A lot of media concentration is being put on the newly permitted scientific examination by means of embryonic stem intended to take care of Parkinson's disease.

Yet, the key achievement in terms of treatment goes to the employment of adult stem cells resulting out of bone marrow and cord blood”.

Axis Research Mind
"Stem Cells Market And Applications

In 2010, heart disease was estimated to cost the United States $316.4 billion. This total includes the cost of health care services, medications, and lost productivity. (Source: CDC)

This company is launching Phase II clinical trials of a brand new adult stem cell therapy. Over 800,000 heart attack victims stand to benefit.

  • Cancer: The American Cancer Society estimates 1,638,910 cases of cancer will be diagnosed in 2012.

About half or 577,190 people will die from some form of cancer this year.

Stem cell therapies will play a major role in the treatment of this deadly disease. Stem cells infused into affected areas of the body can regrow or regenerate healthy tissue.

Eliminating the need for painful chemo or dangerous and toxic drugs.

  • Diabetes: About 18 million people suffer from diabetes.

It's a leading cause of heart disease and stroke... hypertension... blindness and eye problems... kidney disease... nervous system disease and amputations.

In the U.S., diabetes is estimated to cost $174 billion. (Source: CDC)

This company is undergoing stem cell therapy research to reduce the incidence of diabetes.

And a plethora of other maladies including: multiple sclerosis, arthritis, lupus... the replacement of damaged tissues and organs... and healing of traumatic wounds.

The sky's the limit for this tiny biotech.

Keep in mind, this company is positioned for growth.

It is a leader in both cellular therapies... and... the less controversial business of adult stem cell banking. So its stock is poised to rise as stem cell technology becomes a crucial asset to the medical community. Even the...

Catholic Church Enthusiastically
Supports Company's Efforts

Last year, the first international Adult Stem Cell conference was held in Vatican City.

Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, opened the conference saying the Catholic Church supports scientific research on adult stem cells... and... the exploration of the cultural, ethical and human implications of the use of adult stem cells.

Pope Benedict XVI concurred by saying: "It [adult stem cell research] opens up possibilities for healing chronic degenerative illnesses."

Unique Collaborations Position This Tiny Biotech As An Industry Leader

  • Becton Dickinson (Athelos)
  • Department of Defense (Osteoporosis)
  • U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (traumatic wound healing)
  • The Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Culture (exclusive five year partnership to advance adult stem cell research and educate the public, $1 million pledged by Vatican to initiate activities)
  • University of Michigan
  • University of Louisville
  • Schepens Eye Research Institute (Harvard University)

Our analysis indicates this company's stock is poised to go up by up to 997% in the coming months.

Research on or with embryonic stem cells is still strictly forbidden by the Church.

However, with the Vatican's blessing, adult stem cell therapies are now accepted by a larger segment of the population.

Driving demand up.

This company has eight adult stem cell collection centers across six states. Ongoing studies on adult stem cell applications and manufacturing.

Plus international interests in a China-based pharmaceuticals manufacturing company.

The revenues of this company more than doubled from $32 million to $69 million.

A larger number of conservative investors are now investing in the stem cell market.

Fueling the inevitable growth in this company's stock price.

In August of 2011, this company was...

Awarded Almost $1.7-Million From
The U.S. Department Of Defense

The government is becoming a player in the stem cell technology market too.

You see, this company is working on many exciting projects. Including a stem cell technology to treat osteoporosis. The company discovered a certain type of adult stem cells found in bone marrow. These adult stem cells possess the characteristics and positive benefits of embryonic stem cells.

Without the ethical, moral or potential negative biological affects and considerations of embryonic stem cells.

Osteoporosis is a major medical condition affecting some 75 million people world wide. The estimated cost of burden of fractures due to osteoporosis is roughly $20-billion.

Osteoporosis and related bone fractures has become a major concern for the military. Significant loss of duty time across all branches of the military due to related stress fractures has become an increasing problem.

The stem cell research by this company will save the military -- and the community at large -- billions of dollars in healthcare costs.

Catapulting this company to the top.

Not to mention...

Insider Trading Indicates
Coming Stock Price Surge

Recently, company insiders (including the CEO and Chief Medical Officer) reported scooping up a total of 100,000 shares of the company's stock.

Why is this significant?

Well, in the previous nine months only 5,000 shares were bought by insiders. Now, all of a sudden, insiders buy 2,000% MORE shares. Without warning. Considering the stock is near all-time lows, this was a smart and calculated move.

According to analysts, when company insiders buy a ton of their own stock, the price of that stock shoots up over the following twelve months.

Based our in-depth research, this stock is about to fly off the charts.

To the tune of up to...

TEN TIMES Its Current Value

A small $5,000 investment could grow into... $54,850!

A $10,000 stake could turn into... $109,700!

And $25,000 could mushroom into... $274,250!

Within a few short months.

Or sooner!

Play close attention: It's common knowledge that the way to make a lot of money quickly in the stock market is to buy low and sell high.

Everyone knows that.

Famous analyst and fund manager, Peter Lynch (he was the head of Fidelity Magellen for 13 years), said that the market's best stocks are those that are...

"...small companies with explosive growth potential, overlooked by Wall Street and underpriced relative to their potential for outstanding growth."

That's coming from a man with one of the best track records on Wall Street. Lynch is not the only Wall Street hot-shot who believes in this basic premise.

Other world famous - and rich - investors who buy small company stocks include: Carl Icahan... billionaire market-maker, George Soros... the legendary, John Templeton and... Warren Buffet.

The problem is it's almost impossible to figure out if a stock's price is low enough to buy. Or when - exactly - to sell for maximum returns. Because with "regular" stocks prices stay relatively even. Sure there's some fluctuation. Not enough usually to catch a stock at the bottom and then ride the tidal wave of profit to the top.

However - and this is good for you - that's not the case with undervalued, overlooked and underpriced stocks. Companies fitting this profile routinely see their stock prices double... triple... quadruple and more...

... sometimes in as soon as a few days.

... sometimes in a few short weeks.

... and sometimes - usually the most profitable ones - up to a year.

In fact, as I've done before, allow me to prove it to you once again...

Explosive Profits Example #1
Chemical manufacturer's stock soars by 2,449%.

This leading manufacturer of bromine, crude salt and specialty chemical products in China saw its stock price skyrocket from a low of $0.61 to $14.94 during a recent 52-weeks. That's a gain of over 2,449%. A $1,000 investment could have turned into $25,490.

Explosive Profits Example #2
Technology company's stock rises by 508%.

This technology company integrates high-resolution OLED microdisplays with magnifying optics in portable, low-power, lightweight personal displays in a variety of products from military, industrial, medical and consumer OEMs. During a recent 52-week period its stock shot up from $1.08 to $5.49.

A 508% gain that could have turned the $25,490 profit above into... $154,979.

Explosive Profits Example #3
Electronics stock spikes by 394%.

This electronics producer designs, manufactures, and distributes protective clear coverings and accessories for consumer electronic and hand-held devices. The company saw its stock price jolt up from $1.90 to $7.49 during a recent 52-week stretch.

The 394% gain could have turned your $154,979 above into... $765,596.

And these are just three of dozens of plays available. The kinds of plays you missed out on that could have allowed you to grab fistfuls of cash from the market.

Again, I want to stress that the examples above are real. But no one can predict what the future holds. Making the kind of money above is no guarantee. Yet, with the right information and timing, it's certainly possible.

Based on intense analysis, my team and I believe THIS company's stock is set to rise to record highs. Let me tell you...

How To Get In On The Action... For FREE!

My name is Manny Backus.

I've been involved in active trading - putting my own money on the line and reaping the rewards - for nearly a decade.

In fact, I make a full-time income trading stocks. Not talking about stocks. Not giving advice. But actually trading them with my own money.

Which puts me in a unique position.

You see, I discovered that certain "safe penny stocks" are some of the most profitable stocks you can invest in. Not all of them, of course. Just some.

These little money-makers are fast movers. With the potential to grow your cash exponentially. Almost overnight.

When I first found out about these types of penny stocks I was skeptical of their profit potential.

Like others, I had bought into the "penny stocks are bad" mentality.

Boy, was I wrong!

Listen, these kinds of penny stocks can move up to 20 times faster than regular stocks. In a matter of days to a few weeks, you can pocket 100%... 200%... 300% or more return on your investment.

Because the strategy and stocks I trade allows for:

  • Big, fast gains (high reward). I've already shown you the explosive nature of this type of stock. Within days, double and triple-digit gains pile up. Often, depending on how much "skin" you put in the game... or... if you roll profits from trade to trade you can make five and six-figure returns in a few weeks.

  • Safe profits (low risk). You can start out with as little as $100. Minimizing and managing risk is easy when you have little to nothing to lose out of pocket. In addition, you can take out any initial investment from profits to protect capital. This is the ultimate way to leverage the market into cash.

  • Consistent winners (constant cash flow). Make no mistake. You can not trade without losing some money now and then. My approach eliminates catastrophic losses. You end up with more winners at a higher profit margin. Making any losses insignificant.

  • Exclusivity (little competition). Few investors know how to trade these stocks. The media "talking heads", "know-nothing" financial advisors, "churn 'em and burn 'em" stock brokers steer investors clear of this type of stock. Despite the fact it's safe and lucrative... if... you know what you're doing.

  • Easy and simple trading (no special skills required). You can use any regular brokerage account. No "special" accounts are needed. In most cases, you can either place trades online... or... pick up the phone and call your broker. And here's the kicker: You don't need to know anything about the stock market. And you can still make a killing.

  • Street-level investors (you don't need to be wealthy). I believe this is the perfect way for the "regular" guy or gal to make serious money from stocks. You don't need to be an insider. Nor do you need sacks full of expendable cash.

  • "Hands off" investing (nothing to learn). Instead of busting your skull trying to figure out what stocks to buy... when to enter or exit trades... how to maximize profits... how to minimize losses... and all the other mind-numbing, boring and exhausting grunt work most investors deal with, you just take my picks and place them. That's it.

Now you know why Elite Traders, Wall Street Insiders and a few savvy Power Brokers believe this just might be the easiest way to make money in the stock market.

And you can start with $100 if you want.

The more money you put up... usually... the more you're likely to get back. All that sounds good... but... let's face it. Without a sound trading strategy you can lose your shirt in the stock market.

That's why I developed and tested...

A Proven Way To Profit From SAFE Penny Stocks

The way most investors pick penny stocks it's no wonder they get clobbered. They have no idea what they're getting into. In essence, they choose blindly.

My style is a bit different.

I use a scientific approach to analyzing these stocks. Because I'm putting my own money on the line. So there's no way I would take any chances. For example, here are some of the things I look for in safe, fast-profit penny stock plays...

  • Regulated companies only. I don't mess around with "pink sheet" penny stocks or anything risky. That's why I sleep well at night. My picks are based around companies that pass strict SEC scrutiny. Only then are they allowed to list their penny stocks for public trading. This is crucial for minimized risk and big profit potential.

  • Instant execution of market orders. Not all penny stock trades allow for this. The ones I pick let you finalize all orders within seconds. These are highly liquid penny stocks that maximize profits as fast as possible.

  • Multiple profit opportunities. My system targets safe penny stocks over three time frames. Timing is another critical element to success. I've figured out how to boost profits by trading scientifically analyzed penny stocks in the short-term... intermediate-term... and... long-term for consistent returns.

  • Viable growing assets. I only put my money on companies set for explosive growth. The system I developed uncovers these hidden gems... and... reveals the financial "health" of any penny stock I want to turn into fast cash profits.

  • Low debt ratios. A safe penny stock company can not be burdened with too much debt. Because debt is the kiss of death in these instances. So I look for companies with low debt ratios, plenty of cash flow and cash on hand, and a catalyst (most people never notice) for a profit infusion into the company.

  • Must pass "STI Analysis." I can not divulge exactly what this is... but... I can tell you: The "STI Analysis" allows me to find those penny stocks where it's easy to pinpoint both entry and exit points with great accuracy. When a penny stock passes this analysis it gets "tagged" as a profit-burst play. Because I am almost certain it will result in amazing gains.

The penny stock plays I pick have a tendency to become big gainers. And now, you can enjoy these same kinds of incredible returns by taking advantage of a...

Trial Subscription To My
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Okay, let me explain what this is all about...

When I first revealed my penny stocks discovery to a few insiders they didn't know what to make of it. Like the rest of us, the media pounded into their heads penny stocks are risky and not worth messing with.

On the one hand, these savvy risk-averse investors were skeptical. On the other, they knew me personally and saw the results I had produced.

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Again, I'm not making any guarantees.

No one can do that but...

... as you can plainly see, by trading my accurate picks...

... and... using the strategy of rolling profits from one trade into another...

... the potential for fast huge gains is possible!

Besides, your personal results could be even better. How? By starting out with a bigger initial investment. There's a very good possibility during this 30-day period you'll come out way ahead. You may even make more money trading stocks than you ever have during the same time frame.

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Another important point: Unlike other alert services, Penny Stocks Guru does not get "cash kickbacks" to endorse or promote any specific stock. You see, some alert services pull a devious ploy to cheat investors out of their hard-earned money.

Greedy unscrupulous alert services will often (more often than you think) get paid to endorse picks they provide. Therefore, the charlatans running these schemes don't have any real incentive to be accurate. They make money by "pushing" stocks.

Not by diligently picking stocks that make their subscribers money.

A simple search on the term "pump-and-dump stocks" in Google brings up thousands of web pages. Many with accounts of this kind of scheme perpetrated on the public.

Fair warning: This is another reason some pundits don't like penny stocks. So you've got to be careful which advisory you choose.

Penny Stocks Guru is different... because... as I already mentioned... I have a scientific system for choosing the right stocks to trade. My reputation is on the line every time I send out an alert. I decided to offer Free Trials to prove my alert service works and is above (way above) board.

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Manny Backus
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So go ahead and...


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