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Launched last month, this brand spanking new service has already booked gains of 26% and 29% in as little as seven days.

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Dear Reader,

Yes, you read that right. For investors looking to take their wealth-building to a whole new level—investors like you—I am going to give away every investment service we publish now and in the future.

Of course this may sound like a great idea to you and me. But when I first told my staff what I was going to do, they thought I'd lost my mind.

But as you'll see in just a moment... this is far from the truth. You see, I've spent the last ten years building Wealthpire into one of the fastest growing financial publishers in the country.

Fast enough to have Wealthpire, Inc. listed on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies in the country. And frankly, we've had all of this growth because of one central goal...

To help investors like you increase
"wealth empire"… said differently,

The bottom line is this. You and I have the same goal—to grow and protect your wealth now and into the future. And this is precisely why I've decided to give away the proverbial farm this holiday season.

Let me explain.

Since the financial crisis began in 2007-2008, individual investors have continued to experience the most unpredictable markets in nearly a century.

And frankly, the uncertainty and volatility in today's markets is not going to end any time soon. In fact, the markets will likely get even crazier in 2013 and beyond.

Take the fact that we have a looming "fiscal cliff" that will lead to tax confusion in 2013. And no matter what Washington does to try and placate the crisis, there will only be one result—tax hikes for all.

It will hit the wealthy, the middle class, and all street-level investors like you and me.

As a matter of fact, Politico recently reported, that the best guess on a bipartisan deal... "will include a rate hike, higher taxes on carried interest and probably capital gains and dividends, and possibly a cap on total deductions…."

This means less cash flow for individuals. And when you add in persistent unemployment of about 8%—which is actually about 17% or more when you include the under-employed—you have a recipe for massive uncertainty in the markets.

Oh and don't forget that glowing beacon of financial stability... the Federal Reserve. All their money printing has already been priced into the market... so they have no ability to remove uncertainty in the markets.

Of course, the list goes on. The Euro is on life support... China's growth is slowing rapidly... emerging markets are anemic... tensions with Iran are escalating... and a powder keg in the Middle East is one rocket blast away from all out war.

Not to be a herald of doom, which I'm not since I know you can make money in any market, the point here is that this is no time to go it alone in the financial markets. That's because...


So what do you do?

We'll, no matter how uncertain the markets become, there is one thing you can be absolutely certain of...

Wealthpire subscribers have continued to rake in massive profits no matter what the markets have done.

Take for instance our newest service the High Velocity Trader which was launched at the end of last month. Editor Zachary Scheidt had his new subscribers grabbing a 29% gain on an early trade while another trade threw off a 26% gain in less than 7 days!

In less than one week, a $10,000 investment in this last trade would be worth $12,600—enough profit to cover the cost of the High Velocity Trader service for more than 18 months.

Then there's our Biotech Bonanza service. Editor George Wolff just had subscribers grab a 111% profit last month on the news that Acadia Pharmaceuticals (ACAD) had successful top-line results from their pivotal Phase III drug trial.

George knew exactly where he wanted to take subscribers in this ACAD trade. And subscribers slept well knowing George actually wrote the bible on this stuff. Just so happens he's the author of the highly acclaimed Biotech Investor's Bible.

This one biotech trade alone would have taken a $5000 account and turned it into $10,500. And that's enough to cover the cost of the Biotech Bonanza service for MORE THAN 4 YEARS!

Of course this sounds good for existing subscribers in these services, but frankly it pales in comparison to the news I have for YOU.

This holiday season, for the first time ever, I'm going to give away a FREE subscription to our new service... the High Velocity Trader. That means you will get all the profit potential of this rapid growth service for FREE—a $1,764 value for free AND forever!

Take this service out 10 years, and your FREE gift is now worth a whopping $17,640. But that's not all.

Not only am I going to give you our High Velocity Trader service for FREE ... I'm actually going to give you every investment service we publish for free AND forever!

That means no more annual subscription fees... no more renewal fees... just free double and triple digit gains that can help you build your wealth empire faster than ever.


As a member of Wealthpire Elite you get every pick... every play... and every trade from all the investment services we publish... FOR LIFE!

This includes services that were previously sold out or have been infrequently marketed to the public due to their exclusive membership roles.

But now as a Wealthpire Elite member, you can gain access to every trading service we have and start profiting immediately. But you're going to have to act fast.

Our elite membership roles are only open for limited time this holiday season. And once these membership roles are full... they will be closed... INDEFINITELY!

So don't miss the opportunity to grab these exclusive, elite-member benefits never before available in our company's history. Benefits that include...

Wealthpire Elite Benefit #1
Our brand new
High Velocity Trader service,valued at $1764 — YOURS FREE

Launched just last month, this serviced already has subscribers grabbing gains of 26% and 29% in as little as 7 days. Editor Zachary Scheidt spent over 10 years as the investment manager of a $100 million hedge fund ... until he reached a point where he was done with 60-80 hour work weeks.

Wanting to spend time with his wife and family—he has six kids—he perfected a trading system that no longer has him chained to a trading monitor.

And now he's using it to help subscribers rack up gains like 189% in as little as three days... 210% in less than a month and as much as 524% in just three weeks—all without ever buying a single stock.

Wealthpire Elite Benefit #2
You get our
Biotech Bonanza service for life, a value of $1,297 — YOURS FREE

This couldn't be a better time to be trading in our Biotech Bonanza service. Our subscribers just booked a 111% profit! Best of all, they're just getting started.

That's because Obamacare is here to stay and there's a hidden law buried deep inside the legislation that gives the biotech industry a $110 Billion windfall. And now you can profit from this legal loophole too.

And you don't have to go it alone. With Biotech Bonanza you can profit right alongside George Wolff—the acclaimed author of the Biotech Investor's Bible.

Using George Wolff's proprietary biotech trading formula, now you can grab profits from the same technique he's perfected to give subscribers a 111% profit last month

This is the same George Wolff who famously managed to make cumulative gains of... 781.59% in just 16 months. And best of all... the work is already done for you. All you have to do is open your email and follow George Wolff's specific instructions on what to buy and sell... and when.

Wealthpire Elite Benefit #3. You get the highly sought after First Hour Trading service, a $2,673 value — FREE. First Hour Trading is one of our longest running and most popular services.

With First Hour Trading you can pull maximum gains from the stock market early, every morning while most investors are still getting their coffee. And you'll be in good company too.

Take for instance Tibor D. of Toronto, Canada who said, "We just ground out another good month... generating $42,710 after commissions!"

Then there's Bill C. from Glendale, AZ who said "I've been averaging about $5,923 a month. All I do is just follow your lead... follow your trades. And I've been making a ton of money."

Wealthpire Elite Benefit #4. You get one of our most popular services in the Penny Stocks Guru. Using a purely scientific approach to analyzing small company stocks ... this tried and true technique will help you grab rapid penny stock profits.

Profits like 52% in 10 days... 31% in just 7 days... and 22% within 15 days. And these are just some of the gains in the last few months... with more to come!

Wealthpire Elite Benefit #5. You get Buy Today Sell Tomorrow with Adam Gabriel, a $1,297 value for FREE and FOREVER. Buy Today Sell Tomorrow gives you red-hot gains from a risk management trading system that gives you every entry point, exit point, and stop loss for every single trade... day in and day out.

And the results are staggering. Last month members reported gains of 2.07%, 3.78%, 5.41%, and 7.10% on overnight trades!... Buying today and selling tomorrow.

Scott in Chicago, IL had this to say about Editor Adam Gabriel and Buy Today Sell Tomorrow...

"He has an uncanny ability to pick the winners from the night before. Unbelievably, month over month, I'm averaging 30%."

Wealthpire Elite Benefit #6. You get our Consensus Picks service, valued at $149 — FREE to you. Consensus Picks gives you multi-sourced and multi-verified stock picks with proven winners up to 92.75% of the time! It's the secret weapon for consistent profit-rich trades in any market.

But that's not all. The Wealthpire Elite benefits are just getting started.

Wealthpire Elite Benefit #7. You get Ichimoku Swing Trading with Editor Bob Joiner and his one-of-a-kind system based on a 70-year old Japanese charting technique. And the best part is... you don't have to do anything but wait for trade signals to hit your email... and the profits start rolling in.

Profits Errol from Fontana has been able to grab time and again...

"I've been able to grab some big movers that Bob has picked. Three or four hit over 20% profit... it's an excellent system!"

Wealthpire Elite Benefit #8. You get our Morning Hours Trading service that takes all the work... research... and guesswork out of trading. Now you can start your day raking in the profits.

Just like Susan from Seattle... "I made a thousand dollars after fees in ONE day... on ONE trade. I would eagerly recommend this system."

Wealthpire Elite Benefit #9. You get Options Profits Weekly, where editor Jared Levy wades through the market noise to give you the best short- to long-term option-trading opportunities every week with profits like 30% in as little as 6 days!

Wealthpire Elite Benefit #10. You get Options Insider for fast, easy, limited risk trading in options... without all the stomach-churning, mind-numbing grunt work.

"This service changed my life. I'm in my early 60's... I can retire anytime and will. Now that I have a true friend who gives me the opportunity to make money on a daily basis and not get slaughtered!"

Mike from Alsip, Illinois

Wealthpire Elite Benefit #11. You get the "killer move" for picking winning stocks in under 15 minutes each day with our Portfolio Crafter service.

"This service has helped me make a lot of money... Multiples of what I've paid to belong! ...Two thumbs up. If I had four hands, I'd give it four. But anyway, two thumbs up."

Marcus from Maui, Hawaii

And much, much more! You get unlimited access to an exclusive library
of Wealthpire resources including...

  • Special Resource Bonus #1 the Under Ground Traders Conference 2012 full video access. A $197 value — yours free

  • Special Resource Bonus #2 Our proprietary Trade for a Living Training Videos... a $1,297 value you can access anytime for free

  • Special Resource Bonus #3 Last Hour Trading System—Course Videos. A $1,297 value for FREE!

  • Special Resource Bonus #4 Make money week in and week out on Apple's overpriced stock with our Apple E-Book: $97

But that's not all. As a member of Wealthpire Elite…

You'll also get every service we
offer in the future

And in 2013 we are going to start the year with a bang. Our newest offering... Momentum Trading Profits... is using a system that has been racking up gains of 24%, 26% and even 45% within days—all from the use of proprietary software that can scan over 3000 stocks per second!

Valued at $1,764, this is just one more FREE service you can add to your wealth building arsenal. But you're going to have to act fast.

This holiday season will be over before you know it and the Wealthpire Elite membership roles will close.

So let's sum up and get you on your way to building a LIFETIME of massive profits! As a member of Wealthpire Elite you'll get...

First Hour Trading


Morning Hours Trading


Ichimoku Swing Trading


High Velocity Trader


Momentum Trading Profits-2013


Options Insider


Biotech Bonanza


Buy Today Sell Tomorrow


Portfolio Crafter


Penny Stocks Guru


Options Profits Weekly


Consensus Picks


Total Services


Under Ground Traders Conference Videos


Trade for a Living Training Videos


Last Hour Trading System Videos


Apple Trading E-Book


Total Resources



Wealthpire Elite members will receive
$20,598 in value during the very first
year of their Elite Membership status.

But that's just the start. Not counting any new services we launch in the future... Wealthpire Elite members will receive valuable investment services valued at $35,420 in year two of their membership.

… And this value shoots up to $88,550 if you are using your service in year five.

… And jumps to a whopping $177,100 by year ten!

Not to mention the added value for every hot new service we have yet to launch. Heck just 10 years ago we started with one service... and handful of subscribers.

Now we are listed as an Inc. 500 fastest growing company, serving thousands of investors with over twelve highly profitable services and many more to come.

And with over $20,598 in value during the first year of your Wealthpire Elite Membership, I would be fully justified in charging at least $20,000 for this highly profitable LIFETIME service.

I mean a one-time fee of $20,000 for a lifetime value that will reach well over $177,100 during the next ten years is not out of the question.

But then again, it is the holidays!

And I want to see as many people as possible grab this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

That's why I've decided to offer the entire Wealthpire Elite Membership service for nowhere near the $20,000 mark. As a matter of fact, in consultation with my editorial staff, I've settled on a retail price of $16,600. But then again, it's the holidays. So, I went ahead and took another $4,100 off.

Now for a VERY limited time this holiday season... Wealthpire Elite Membership is available to new subscribers for the rock bottom price of only $12,500!

Your LIFETIME membership will cost
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This is a one-time membership fee for LIFE. After this, you never have to pay an annual subscription fee or renewal fee ever again.

The only thing we ask is that you pay a small administrative fee of $350 each year to cover the administration of your account. And that's it. No more fees... EVER!

And just to make sure you know how confident we are that you will be 100% satisfied with your Elite Membership, should you decide to cancel your Elite Membership at any time during the first 30 days... you will receive a full refund of your Elite Membership fee.

But you must remember... the Elite membership roles will be closing shortly. So don't wait.

Click here now to get started with your Wealthpire Elite Membership today.

Or if you prefer, you can contact our Elite Specialist Ryan on our dedicated Elite Member hotline at 1-310-260-1082 EX. 202.

Either way, you don't want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This new service may never be at this low, low price ever again.

So click here to join the Wealthpire Elite right now.

And one last thing... just to make sure you have a snap-shot of all your Wealthpire subscriptions in one place, Wealthpire Elite Members will also get...

  • A Monthly digest of all publications and their hot picks for the month, plus editor highlights and commentary on the financial markets

  • Quarterly Market Calls and Exclusive Q&A's with me and my editorial staff to discuss market conditions, trends, new services, and other investment topics warranted.

These are just two more ways to get the most out of our Elite Membership status.

So don't delay, click here now to get your Wealthpire Elite Membership today. Or call our Wealthpire Elite Member hotline at 1-310-260-1082 EX. 202 to get started now.

It's a pleasure to have you onboard this new elite service. And I look forward to sharing a LIFETIME of big profits.

With warm regards,

Manny Backus
CEO, WealthPire, Inc.


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